Five Colorful Food Items to Include in the Diet plans for Women

What are women always on the look-out for? Naturally, ways to keep their weight down while at the same time keeping their energy levels up. Women need the energy to keep up with the different hats they wear. It’s a fact that women today are housewives, career women, caregivers; all at the same time.

No matter they need all the energy they can get. Below are 5 foods that won’t only help you lose weight, but pack a wallop of energy to keep you on your toes all day.

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Eggs – not only do they make you feel fuller, longer, they are also full of protein.
Beans – full of the digestive hormone cholecystokinin which is a natural appetite suppressant. Another bonus of beans, beans with a high fiber content help reduce cholesterol levels.
Salad – start a meal off with a large salad (but stick to vinaigrette dressings). A large salad prevents you from taking in more than necessary because it fills you up at the start of the meal and holds up for some time. Salad greens work wonders for constipation.

Green tea – Catechins speed up the metabolism and fat burning. An added bonus, LDLs or bad cholesterol is significantly reduced with the regular intake of green tea.
Pears – a corrected calculation by the US Food and Drug Administration revealed an increase in its fiber content. The pectin fiber help reduce between meal snacking. And eat these powerful super fruits as well