Mountain Climbing For Sixpack

For those attractive sixpacks, it is time to adopt the posture of a mountain climber. You have to begin with a push up position. Just visualize yourself in the position and carry on with the process accordingly. If you keep up with the dedication, your six packs won’t at all be a distant factor.

Do you think it’s tough to perform. Yes, it is a highly challenging exercise, but the reward is awesome. For instructions watch the video below

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5 Quick Shaving Tips

Use a quality shaving gel instead of soap or traditional shaving cream. It contains more lubricants and can reduce the chance of irritation and nicks. After you apply it to your skin, allow it to sit for a minute to soften your hairs before shaving.

Use a quality razor. Cheap disposable razors can easily nick your skin. Buy a decent razor with replaceable heads, preferably with lubricating strips.

Proper Technique
If you have sensitive skin, shave with the direction of the hair. If you want a closer shave, shave against the direction of the hair growth. Be careful when doing this though as it can cause irritation and ingrown hairs.

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Before shaving, take a quick bath or shower to soften your hair. Don’t soak too long though. You do not want your skin to prune.

After Care

You can apply lotion after shaving but do not apply perfumes or deodorant. They can irritate your skin which will be sensitive from shaving.

By following these simple tips, you should find that shaving is much easier and your skin is left less sensitive. If you still find that you can not tolerate shaving you might want to consider other hair removal methods like depilatory creams or laser hair

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