Sexual Fulfillment: Top 3 Keys for Couples in the Bedroom

Till the end of life, the thirst for sexual fulfilment will always be in every creature but unfortunately, many people don’t know what it takes to have it.

In today’s love and marriage relationships, there are problems with couples who don’t know or understand the secrets that will enhance their sexual fulfilment. In fact, studies have shown that one of the most common problems in relationships has to do with the pattern of sex life of the couples.

Some couples are well-balanced in perspective and act while many are still not satisfied about their experiences in the bedroom.

In most cases, women are the breeds who are prone to orgasmic dysfunction. If you want to experience sexual fulfilment in your relationship, you must understand the importance of the following three keys:

Sexual love is a tripartite act as follows.

1. Sex is psychological.

The mind must be fixed to enjoy the sexual act. Many people have problems with their thinking or mindset about this act of love. It may be as a result of their upbringing, or social system of their environment or religious bias. The hurts of the past such as rape could also hinder sexual pleasure.

Here is a simple test on the power of the mind on this issue of sexual fulfillment: sexual fantasy will alert the brain, and the mental excitement will relay the message to sex hormones in the body for arousal. This is much more pronounced in men than in women.

Generally, the mind must be in tune to reach the point of sexual orgasm.

2. Sex is physiological.

When there is no mental depression, the body will respond maximally, making the act enjoyable. However, it is required of a couple to explore the body of his/her mate.

You must understand the ‘mechanism’ of the outer reproductive system with respect to intercourse. This knowledge is quite crucial for men if they want to please their women very well. You must be able to study and know the sensitiveness of a woman’s body.

3. Sex is emotional.

Combining the first two keys will take you to the realm of pleasurable sensations and warmth and happiness, and freshness of the mind and of the body. Some women experience orgasm, to an extent, but are unable to express ecstasy in their body movements.

Many more people remain dumb;

  • can’t verbalize their excitement.
  • just lie there like a log of wood.
  • are not emotional about it. This is a symptom of orgasmic dysfunction.

In all indication, achieving sexual fulfilment in your sexual relation is directly tired to your personal preferences in the way you use your mind and your body. The role of your partner is secondary. First take it that it is not his or her duty to give you orgasm. Be involved, and he or she will satisfy you.