Why you should smile more

I was watching this nursery rhyme on youtube.com with my 2 year old boy

If you re happy and you know it, clap your hands

If you are happy and you know it, stamp your feet

If you are happy and your know it, your facial surely show it, clap your hands

This is fantastic rhyme with great tune and it nice rhythmic too. My boy get lots of joy smile loudly. That’s when I notice his beautiful dazzle smile. Kids look very cute when they smile!

Ever Heard of Smart Collagen?

This brings up the topic of keeping our teeth white and hygienic. When talking about white teeth, there are plenty of products, tooth pastes and potions which claim to work wonder. Every tooth paste manufacturer claim dazzling smile on their TV commercial. But we know it doesn’t work that way.


Fortunately, three are still some products like Dr George’s Dental White. This one is FDA approved home tooth whitening system. I have been using it for few months while brushing my tooth. This stuff works.

Time to watch few more rhymes!

5 Tips To Improved Skin Care

Skin Care Tip 2:

If possible, avoid constant sun exposure and tanning beds. In addition to being dangerous where health is concerned, these may also lead to early signs of aging. Everyone loves a suntan, but there is no reason to sacrifice your skin or your health in order to achieve it. Therefore, many individuals opt for a self-tanning lotion instead. Back in the day, these products had a tendency to turn the skin orange, but that is no longer the case.


Improvements have helped to give self-tanning products a more natural, streak-free look. Before applying the lotion to your entire body, apply it to a small test area just to make sure there is no irritation.

Skin Care Tip 3:

If your lips tend to become chapped in the winter months or wind burnt at other times, using lip balm or lipstick will help to protect the lips from nature’s worst.


Skin Care Tip 4:

Dry or cracked skin can be very unbearable. Not to mention the discomfort of tight red skin, it can be downright embarrassing. A container of Pacquin Plus hand & body cream will eliminate soreness, redness and help to add moisture back to dry skin.


Skin Care Tip 5:

Do not use products that irritate your skin in any way, including soaps that have harsh ingredients. If possible, use a moisturizing soap or that which is designed for sensitive skin.


In addition to these tips, skin care products are available as commercial or prescription based treatments. A dermatologist is often consulted for matters relating to acne or other skin disorders, especially if they are severe. Many skin care enthusiasts also believe in using plenty of moisturizing body lotion in order to replenish the skin’s natural moisture, which is often stripped in today’s harsh environment.


The information in this article is to be used for informational purposes. It should not be considered as, or used in conjunction with, professional medical advice. Consult your doctor prior to beginning any skin care regimen or if you have been diagnosed with any disorder involving the skin.